Two weeks to go!

Fourteen days and counting! *Yelp* The amazing news is that you’ve ALREADY raised over £9,000 to help people with disabilities experience the magic of gaming! Here’s a couple of breaking GameBlast news items we’ve been bursting to share.

What’s that controller?!?
Awesome, isn’t it? It’s been made by ExtremeConsoles and will be up for auction during the GameBlast weekend.

GAME have just announced details of their GameBlast 24 hour livestream from the new Multiplay studio at GAME HQ on Saturday 25 February. The teams will kick off with a breakfast show and will be taking part in gaming, sports and other crazy antics throughout the day, aiming to break some gaming Guinness world records along the way!

Totaliser livestream ticker now available!
Here’s a new thing: It’s an easy to setup, self-updating ticker that’ll display the overall GameBlast total on your livestream, courtesy of the wonderful Simon Agius Muscat. Boom.

About that livestream link on your fundraising page
No need to remind you to include a link to your livestream on your fundraising page, right? Thought not.

GameBlast Raglan Tee
Just received ours this morning, and couldn’t resist a cheesy photo with Becky, Nomi and Tom. Get yours now at

More about you
So many people doing great things. LSESU Gaming Society have already raised over £300 in their second annual 24 hour livestream, the bonkers team at GAME Denton are dyeing their hair purple for GameBlast ( and we love the way Hayley Tolley’s thanking her donors via updates to her fundraising page at

As always, give a big hand to our GameBlast partners GAME, Twitch, Multiplay, Ukie, and Insert Coin. They’re being an enormous help in making GameBlast17 the best ever!

And as if you needed a reminder about the difference you’re helping to make, take a look at the smiles on this video clip: Surely there couldn’t be a better reason to game your heart out!

Huge thanks again for just being fantastic.